Solid Colour
Deck Latex

Woodcraft Solid Colour Deck Latex Stain
Product Description: A 100% acrylic latex pigmented and tinted with light-fast colours. Product contains a mildewcide to inhibit mildew growth. Formulated to provide a uniform colour on wood while enhancing the wood grain.
Intended Uses: This stain provides a tough durable finish on all types of wood decks including paintable pressure treated lumber. The cured film has good resistance to water, sunlight & mildew, flaking and peeling, will resist cracking, when applied to properly prepared surface. May also be used on other wood surfaces such as siding, fencing and patio furniture.
Gloss Level: Flat (60°: 2 to 5)
Composition: Binder: 100% Acrylic
Spreading Rate (Gal): 35-52 m²/3.7L (370-560 ft²/3.7L)
Drying Time: Touch 1Hrs, Handle 2Hrs, Recoat: 4 Hrs
Tools: Brush: Nylon or Polyester
Roller:10-13 mm
Spray: Tip .011-.015 in.
Application / Dilution: Ready to use / Not required
Clean-up: Water
VOC Level: <100g/L
Surface Preparation: Wood Surface must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease, mildew and wax. Remove any loose and peeling stain. Uncoated and weathered wood should be sanded or treated chemically to remove any dead wood fibres or mill glaze prior to application of the stain.
Size & Bases: Gallon - Bases Available (White,Deep,Clear)
Extra Features: *Brushing is preferred *Allow 24 hours before light foot traffic, 7 days before replacing heavy furniture