Fresh Tex

Fresh Tex - Alkyd Calcimine Ceiling Recoater
Product Description: A highly pigmented alkyd finish for ceilings. Excellent hiding power and dries to a uniform and gloss-free finish.
Intended Uses: A paint specifically formulated for recoating calcimine
surfaces (stucco/ textured ceilings).This unique alkyd formulation will
not dissolve ceiling texture and hide most stains.
Finish: Flat
Standard Colours: White
Tint Range: Light colours
Recommended # of coats: 1-2 at recommended coverage
Theoretical Coverage: 35-40 m²/3.7L (400-450 ft²/3.7L) (*see additional information)
Typical Volume Solids: 49%
Typical Specific Gravity: 1.6
Application Thinner: Not normally required.
Flash point: 41°C (105°F)
Clean-up Thinner: Mineral Spirits
All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, grease, mildew or wax. Repair damaged areas with patching compound. Lightly brush textured ceilings with a broom to remove any loose particles prior to painting.If there is severe staining a stain blocking primer may be required.
Application: Brush, Roller, Air Spray or Airless Spray. A Long nap (20mm to 30mm) or a specially designed split foam roller are recommended for heavy texture.
Airless Tips: .013" - .017"
Dry times at 21ºC / 70ºF and 40%-60% R.H.:
To Touch: 4 hours
To Handle: 6 to 10 hours
To Overcoat: 12 to 24 hours
Additional Data: Spreading rate figures have been calculated based for the paint applied on an ideal smooth and non-absorbent substrate. The actual spreading rate will be significantly lower (25% to 50% less is typical) depending on the porosity and texture profile of the ceiling.